Major Goals

  1. A high level of competence in all academic skills
  2. A love of, and a commitment to, the learning process
  3. Positive self-esteem by encouraging children to become self-motivating and active participants in the learning process
  4. Highly motivated, self-disciplined students
  5. Technology skills for academic and personal achievement



  1. We will build positive relationships with each student, staff member, parent, and stakeholder.
  2. We will demonstrate through student performance that the instruction provided resulted in learning for all.
  3. We will teach for understanding, frequently monitoring students’ understanding and providing a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.
  4. We will work collaboratively in developing research-based instructional strategies to provide daily for rigor and relevance beyond the standards of spring testing.
  5. We will involve the parents in the learning process by providing opportunities for shared learning experiences.
  6. We will monitor the results of our individual and collective efforts through relevant data and use these to guide our processes of continuous improvement. 
  7. We will provide interventions to strengthen each child’s learning and promote their academic best.
  8. We will reach our goal of all students reading to learn and on grade level by the end of third grade.
  9. We will use positive behavior strategies as outlined in the CHAMPS approach.