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Anne-Marie Johnston, MS/CCC-SLP
Welcome to my Speech Page!

As a Speech-Language Pathologist at Cypress Point University Elementary School, I serve students in all grades. I love my job and I love being able to assist your children in reaching their full potential in the classroom, at home, and in all areas of life...not only now, but as they grow!
Speech Pathology services address many areas in which our kids could need help: such as articulation (how they say the sounds in their words); fluency (stuttering); language (how a student processes what they hear/read AND how they say what they need, want, and know); voice (how their voice sounds when they speak). I also help with emerging and improving reading skills and how to decipher what a math problem wants the student to do...break down complex problems into smaller steps.  I pull kids out into small groups to get more specific help and I go into the classrooms to work in bigger groups.
Please contact me if you any questions or concerns about your child. I serve on the SBLC for Cypress Point and will answer any of your questions that I can.
We will have a great year full of progress with both big and small successes!! 
Dreams don't work unless you do!  (Unknown)


(318) 345-5666 ext. 4035